About Us


About Mega Mart Center

Mega Mart Center is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company dedicated to delivering precisely what our customers desire. Our commitment lies in providing unparalleled customer service, ensuring each interaction exceeds expectations.

Our Mission

At Mega Mart Center, our mission is simple yet profound: to offer the pinnacle of customer service excellence. Every decision, action, and interaction is guided by our unwavering dedication to our customers' satisfaction.

Our Founders

Mega Mart Center was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs, Angella Davis and Jeffery Walker, who share a remarkable journey of resilience and determination. Angella Davis, a two-time cancer survivor, brings her invaluable experience as a former Operations Manager at a prominent hospital. Jeffery Walker, a two-time kidney transplant recipient and owner of multiple successful businesses, contributes his entrepreneurial expertise to the company's growth.

Our Reach

In addition to our physical presence, Mega Mart Center extends its offerings across various digital platforms. You can find our products on leading online marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon, TikTok, and Facebook Marketplace, ensuring convenience and accessibility for our valued customers.

Our Legacy

Since our establishment in September 2018, Mega Mart Center has steadily evolved into a beacon of excellence in the retail industry. Our dedication to providing exceptional products and unmatched customer service continues to propel us forward, shaping our legacy as a leader in the market.

At Mega Mart Center, we are not just a company; we are a community built on trust, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. Join us on this journey as we redefine the standards of retail excellence, one satisfied customer at a time.


Physical Address

3334 Eastchester Rd, Bronx New York 10469